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Tiger Safety LLC is your single source provider for World Class Safety Processes, Training, Consulting.
Tiger Safety
Looking for a career as a Safety Professional?  Send us your resume, we review all resumes and forward to our preferred business partners.  Someone out there can use your skill set on their journey to World Class. 

Tiger Safety LLC and our Preferred Business Partners are your Turn Key Safety, Compliance and Quality Initiative providers.  From Training to Safety Consultation, Program Design and Audit, our combined staff of dedicated professionals can help your organization achieve World Class Status in your Operations, Projects, and Initiatives.

Our Business Model
Customers:  Tiger Safety LLC will provide Training, Consultation and Safety Supplies and we are moving more to a role of coordinating World Class Relationships between Customers and Suppliers.  Our highest business value is to match the customer with the right provider.  You, our customers, pay no fee for this service.  Unless training, services or equipment are provided by Tiger Safety LLC the referal fee is paid completely by our Preferred Business Partners.

Preferred Business Partners:  As a Preferred Business Partner of Tiger Safety LLC we refer customers directly to you based on business need and fit.  Each week Tiger Safety LLC recieves numerous requests for training, services, equipment and resumes of professionals seeking employment.  In our former business model we could not satisfy all of these requests.  With our new business model and pre-negotiated fee structure we refer to you a steady stream of motivated business contacts and personnel.

Services & Products

Listed below are some of the Products and Services offered by Tiger Safety LLC and our Preferred Business Partners.  Bottom line is that with our Business Model we are the premier and turn key safety provider. 
Safety Program & Training Division From Behavior Based Safety to Incident Investigation and the management of HazMats, Tiger Safety LLC is your one stop shop.  Our ZIP (Zero Incident Process) is a turn key Safety, Motivation and Quality process like no other you have ever seen.  Tiger Safety's Professional Training Staff can supply all of your groups training and record keeping needs.  We always start with a performance and gap assessment to determine the most efficient and cost effective training solutions for your organization.
Investigation & Security Division Tiger Safety can manage all of your Investigation & Security needs.  Our staff of licensed Private Investigators and Security Analysts are ready to take on your employee theft, human resources and insurance fraud and security program validity needs.  We maintain the highest degree of confidentiality in all of our activities and comply with all local, state and federal regulations.
Audit Division A Performance Based Audit program designed to give you feedback on your process performance and suggestions for improvement.  We also perform real world audits of your security systems that will uncover any gaps that may exist.  Our audit process does not focus on "passing" the audit but rather on giving you the opportunity to make step change improvements.  Our Reliability Group resides within this division and can perform a "Criticality Assessment" to determine where your greatest opportunities for improvement lay.
Accident & Incident Investigation Division Our Accident Investigation Division uses 5 Why, Why Tree and Lean Sigma Techniques to uncover the system level root causes to your incidents or for use in process improvement.  We work hard to seek out the root causal factors of incidents and LPO's (Lost Profit Opportunities), in a non-punitive manner.
Infection Control Division Need help in preparing for a Joint Commission Survey or complying with JCAHCO requirements for construction work on your facility?  Our Staff of Certified Infection Control Practitioners have an array of world class tools to help you. 
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